The online platform TikTok just had its first shoppable live stream with an influencer, who was partnered with Walmart. With the pandemic comes the wariness of going to shop in physical stores, as a result, social media apps are hopping on the live stream train, by hosting numerous of these events. Companies are getting creative by not just having shopping live streams but live store shows and even live shopping festivals. 

  • As a result of this Walmarts Tiktok, the following increased by 25% and they held their second live stream. 
  • This event showed a peak of what the Livestream shopping market can become, with it expecting to take off and reach a worth of 25 billion by 2023. 

The concept of a live stream is not new. The process of going live on a camera and showing off products has been done and is being done on television to this day. What makes live streams so successful is their social media platform and ability to be used by a wider audience.