Tips for Streamlining Your Direct-To-Consumer Customer Experience

As the retail competition tightens, it’s important for companies to direct customers to online stores that offer well-designed shopping experiences. Good thing that creating that great customer experience is simple and easy, and can easily increase revenue.

Consider that the shopping experience should be:

  • Frictionless. Remove barriers to discovering, researching, and buying products. A frictionless experience applies to a product organization, pricing, availability, navigation, ease of checkout, and payment.
  • Fast. This means, speed, relevance, ease of navigation, accessibility, and a consistent look and feel.
  • Personalized. Make customers feel unique with curated product lists, premium options, and geographic or affinity-based personalization.
  • Helpful. Offer substitutions for unavailable products, as well as relevant and delightful ideas.
  • Consistent. Make shopping transferable from one channel where a customer left off to another channel.

As a seller, the key is to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. A small customer segment to start with is enough to determine trends in user behavior and possible issues, and from which you can gather qualitative and quantitative information. Depending on your business strategy, segment your customers by demographics and needs, and focus on the most valuable groups.

The next step is to look for innovative ideas beyond your geography and industry. One good source of ideas such as social commerce and live commerce in China, home to key e-commerce players such as Taobao, Douyin, Pinduoduo, and

Social commerce, now 12% of e-commerce in China, allows shoppers to get product recommendations from trusted individuals and shop using social media. Live commerce combines live video streaming with ads that allow viewers to buy the featured items.

Following these simple steps can help you stay competitive.