TikTok is launching new exciting features to increase their users’ engagement.

TikTok is launching new exciting features to increase customer engagement, venturing deeper into commerce, infotainment & edutainment.


  • TikTok is broadening its influence beyond digital entertainment to include commerce.

The app for uploading short clips TikTok is widening its scope beyond media content to include retail, educational, and information entertainment in order to increase customer engagement in the face of fierce competition in the category. TikTok said that with its live streaming function, viewers would be able to become visitors to programs that will promote a new consumer experience.

TikTok is moving into new material and creative tools. TikTok Resumes function launched as a pilot in the United States enabling an additional route for recruiting and job finding. TikTok is partnering with select organizations and allowing job searchers to apply for entrance to established roles with a few of the world’s largest most coveted employers. 

In addition, TikTok is adding a new feature that allows a live streaming presenter to welcome several participants to appear on the show and chat, the feature named TikTok Gated LIVE allows celebrities to increase followers’ engagement.

Edutainment is an additional feature that will be added, by creating a live conversation between presters and guests, the feature will enable learning of new skills.

There are more complex and innovative materials from individuals, as well as an increase in time consumed and regularity of use from various user categories compared to 2020. TikTok has grown in popularity since its inception in 2019. It has evolved as a means of relieving consumers’ tension from the pandemic while people stay home. According to We Are Social research, 35.3 percent of respondents utilize online platforms to relieve stress.

Consumer demand is ever-evolving and to be able to meet the expectations platforms must adjust. Platforms are going above and beyond to provide their users with extra features.

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