Spotify is now testing a Car Mode interface among a selected group of users in order to deliver new in-car listening experiences. The company plans to retire its Car View interface, which displays playback controls and the current track while driving. 

The new interface was first discovered by 9to5Google, who posted screenshots of the Android version of Car Mode. Spotify did not clarify if it was testing the new interface on iOS.

Based on the screenshots, Car Mode allows users to browse and search for music via voice controls, but also includes simple controls such as a play/pause, skip shuffle and like buttons, and a microphone button to search Spotify’s library. Voice controls enable access to recently played music or podcasts. The layout is similar to Spotify’s regular interface, but with fewer visual distractions present on the current screen.

Last April, the company did a limited U.S. release of its first hardware device called Car Thing for Spotify Premium subscribers and vehicle owners who don’t have a built-in infotainment system. The device is now available to the general public for $89.99.

Car Thing connects with the Spotify mobile app on smart phones and uses cellular signal or Wi-Fi to stream music or podcasts over the car’s sound system. The device works with USB, Bluetooth and Aux. To activate the device , the user may either say “Hey Spotify,” tap the device’s touchscreen, turn the dial or use one of the four preset buttons at the top of the player.