• Shopee’s Brazil operation grew from a pilot project to a workforce of over 250 people in only a year as local vendors increasing collaboration with the online company.


Shopee launched in Brazil in October 2019, with the goal of boosting the nation’s cross-border commerce. After a year of operations, it had not only scaled up in the nation but had also moved into Mexico. 

Regional firms like MercadoLibre, founded in Argentina, rule the Latin American e-commerce industry. Global behemoths like Amazon, headquartered in the United States, and Alibaba, based in China, are also competing for a piece of the pie.

The current developments are based on “asset-light” trial programs focusing on product shipment to such nations rather than substantial on-ground expenditure, as Shopee is putting its cross-border staff to the challenge in Chile and Colombia.

Currently, Shopee is still focusing on Brazil as its major Latin American market, whereas other territories like Mexico remain a part of the company’s asset-light strategy in the area.