Pinterest announced new features and updates at its annual ‘Pinterest Presents’ global advertiser summit. These include in-stream shopping enhancements, promoted Idea Pins, Pinterest Trends tool improvements and more.

The big addition dubbed ‘Your Shop’ is a personalized shopping page which displays the latest items, brands, and offers based on users’ interests.

To streamline the purchase process, Pinterest is also adding a new direct, in-app checkout option for Shopify merchants, making it easier to go from inspiration to purchase, without disrupting the in-app experience, and leading to more shopping activity.

Pinterest also announced a new Shopping API to make it easier for merchants to upload their product catalogs that drive Pin product listings. Simplified catalog connection helps maximize in-app commerce and Pinterest has been working to improve this with the new API.

A key update for marketers is the improvement of Pinterest Trends, which provides insights into the popularity of any topic in the app. New features added to the Pinterest Trends includes real time search data, more trend types, more granular audience tools and personalized trend recommendations for your business. Later this year, the tool will be launched to more countries.

And to maximize the popularity of Stories-like Idea Pins, Pinterest will soon enable advertisers to promote Idea Pins in the app.

Pinterest is also improving the paid partnership process to better facilitate branded content deals, offer more opportunities for creators to make money, and for brands to utilize their expertise in Pin formats.