Optimizing the checkout experience to boost online sales.


Although data-driven analytics can aid in anticipating consumer demand, firms must still strive to deliver the greatest e-commerce experience possible because the pleased customers will make repeat customers.

Are you serving the needs of your customers?

Delivering what customers want is critical for any company looking to grow its sales. 90% of all internet shopping carts are discarded, resolving simple checkout page problems and reducing all potential friction in the transaction process can result in significant increases in final sales.

Payment methods

In terms of payments, a lack of acceptable and preferred payment options resulted in 13% of shopping abandonment. According to businesses who provided Afterpay, a popular buy now pay later payment option in Australia and New Zealand, experienced a 27% boost in sales.


Customers were also worried about the protection of their sensitive financial data. Some customers can now detect transaction sites that do not appear to be safe. To address this, merchants should allow consumers to check out as guests, therefore minimizing the quantity of personal information gathered and kept. If a company requires consumers to log in to complete a transaction, another option is to enable them to set up an account linking to their current social media accounts; this way, their personal data is saved on their online profiles rather than on the website.


Cart abandonment is more than twice as likely when most consumers buy on mobile devices than when they shop on desktop computers. Attempts to increase sales must include more effort. Without a smooth mobile checkout service, e-commerce companies may lose customers to competitors who may provide a better experience.

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