More money is being invested towards social media and digital advertising since the pandemic, as people are turning to their phones and media for entertainment and communication. In 2020 there was a boom where marketeers were investing in tactics that would attract customers online to shop for the holidays, with media advertising increasing by 50.3% during the holiday season. 

Digital marketing is likely the new normal and e-commerce sales will only go up. This is aided by multiple social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok integrating new shopping capabilities. For example, Facebook Live is the most engaging platform yet. 

Live streaming or Live shopping has become one of the fastest-growing advertising categories, with the segment reaching around 120 billion dollars in global sales in 2020. Live shopping has provided new shopping capabilities and its trending factor has taken a significant role with Gen Z’s and the market in China. 

However, It is seen that influencer marketing has seemed to slow down with popular #ad disclosure decreased by 17.6%, despite the increased use in social media. The most effective tactics in digital marketing, currently, are innovation and creating new tech to fit the ever-changing consumer preference.