Companies with top Net Promoter Scores or satisfaction rankings for three or more years grow revenues about 2.5 times faster than their industry peers and deliver two to five times the shareholder returns over the next 10 years. This was revealed by an article in the Harvard Business Review.

A key to success is taking targeted action that boosts the customer experience (CX). Consistency requires accountability, and recognizing and rewarding both performance and improvements to motivate everyone to elevate their game.

Consistency delivers on customer expectations because behaviors are embedded. It’s also about personalizing the team members’ coaching, training and changes in action habits. 


Data can’t fix all customer service issues

The focus for many businesses tends to be on shifting average NPS scores. But execution is what counts, which is a function of habits that are in practice. These include what is accepted as poor behavior and excellent behavior, and how this can be reinforced or improved.

Data alone will not fix customer experience issues. It requires empathy, a true understanding of how it impacts your customer, and a commitment to taking action. Create accountability among regional managers to address the real cause and effect based on performance profiling.

Best practices must be linked to financial outcomes, customer insights, team member learning and training skills. It also helps create innovative solutions and is a fast track to success.