Don’t miss a beat with the hottest e-commerce trends by following our Weekly Roundup series, here are this week’s top news:

  • The Bank of Thailand has released news of a new pilot study involving a new retail digital currency. The Bank of Thailand anticipates that interest for the CBDC will slowly rise and that it may transform to an alternative form of payment, partly replacing cash and digital money, Read more insights here.
  • The online marketplace is growing in Thailand, with IT brands shifting more and more towards online sales and aiming to slowly reduce offline customer interactions. Read more about the IT retail expansion to the online channel here
  • A research performed on 750 e-merchants from several Southeast Asian nations shows a rise in online business and attributes the success to the development of interactive technologies. See our take on these data from here.
  • The East China office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the organization in command of civilian flying, has granted initial clearance for Jiangsu Jingdong’s creation.’s first entry to air-freight managed by tycoon Richard Liu Qiangdong is now on course to be the nation’s only e-commerce company to acquire its air freight service. Find out how this will benefit in this article.
  • Buy now, pay late (BNPL) is led by a number of independent fintech firms, allowing customers to delay transactions and obtain credit. Find out more about the top five Asian fintech firms that focus on BNPL here

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