In the second half of 2020 and throughout 2021, advertisers are ramping up their marketing activity with branded content and influencer marketing. This was done to drive awareness, marketing to consumers the brand’s caring side. Brands raising awareness is also a way to engage with consumers, as a result, direct their users to their websites and spend more time shopping. 

  • E-commerce sales have surged 42%, especially during the holiday season and advertisers aren’t slowing down. 
  • With 32% of advertisers boosting online marketing budgets and 25% of them increasing influencer budgets. 

With the increase in budget, advertisers are very selective about their media outlets that include click-to-buy links in their websites. 

Advertisers have reported that compared to two years branded and influencer content is easier to produce. This indicates the growth and technology that is being produced to aid in online marketing. With Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube being the top platforms for influencer content.