4 Quick Tips For Direct To Consumer Success In 2022

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) marketing is an approach where a business promotes and sells a product or service directly to customers, eliminating the need for middlemen. Businesses that have adopted this practice have recently proliferated, enabling customers to directly give feedback that can impact the products and buying experience, among others. If you plan to adopt the D2C model, here are some key strategies:

Environmental Awareness Strategy Is Now A Staple Customers are expressing concern when brands send products in a plastic bubble-wrap bag, discussing on social media about the packaging’s sustainability. More customers are expected to ask to make the bubble-wrap packaging optional when checking out, or find an alternative solution to replace the traditional bubble wrap.

Diversify Your Social With TikTok Any brand’s TikTok account manager must have a ‘nose for news and be able to identify humorous and creative trends before they peak. The voice behind the brand must be a culture-add to the platform. 

Build A Community When thinking about your D2C strategy and your sales channel design, focus on how do you create value for your customers that transcends the exchange of funds for goods or services. Building a sense of community and belonging is what D2C channels are for. Forums and loyalty programs are extremely valuable and will give your customers a reason to buy your products for a reason that is more than just “heavy discounts”.

Choose Influencers Wisely. Influencer partnerships must be intentional, long-term, and genuine. Your endorser must have an authentic love for your product to gain trust with followers.