Top 10 Best Selling Brands In South East Asia By BrandIQ – Weekly Series | 20-25 September


Infinix, a Hong Kong-based smartphone company had made it to the top in #Indonesia. Overall, tech companies are still dominating the Southeast Asia market.

Indonesia: This week’s top spot is claimed by the Hong Kong-based affordable smartphone manufacturer, Infinix . De nature is in this week’s second place, after last week’s rank of 2,327, the Indonesian herbal wellness brand had a succesfull week.Smasung is in 9th place after the big news about a new 17 billion USD chip plant in Texas were revealed, the Korean tech giants are in the top 10 week after week, becoming the most consistent brand. 

Singapore: This week’s top spot is claimed by RedMart, the Lazada powered grocery service is experiencing an immense success in Signapore. Lego is in this week’s 3rd place compared to last week’s 1,060. Another notable shift in ranks this week is from Sainsbury’s in this week’s 2nd place compared to last week’s 984.

Philippines: Xiaomi is in the first place, with a large climb from their last week’s rank of 155. There have been a significant climbs in ranks this week from various brands such as Logitech, Omron, Razer and JBL, as tech brands continue to demonstrate dominance in the SEA market.

Vietnam: Adidas are in the top spot this week from its last week’s third place. Vivo is staying stationary for now with its 2nd place. The largest rise this week is attributed to Xiaomi, with this week coming in 6th compared to its last week of 395th.

Malaysia: This week’s top spot is claimed by Apple with quite a large climb in rank compared to its last week spot of 160, that’s after the succesful launch of it’s latest iPhone models. Last week’s top spot Xiaomi has dropped in ranks this week and is now in 5th. The largest jump in rank this week is claimed by Sokano, the Malaysian departments store is in 8th this week compared to 1079 last week.

Thailand: Samsung is in 2nd place from its last week spot of 9th, another very strong week for Samsung. Sabina, the Thai lingerie brand, with 4th place this week compared to last week’s 2890. Xiaomi, are also experiencing a strong week with top 10 appearance in every country in this week’s report.

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