Top 10 Best Selling Brands In South East Asia By BrandIQ – Weekly Series | 13-18 September


In Thailand, tech brands continue to lead the charts with a surprising first-place entry. In Singapore, grocery shopping keeps being the most consistent trend in the country, and Apple showing surprising results after their September event.

Indonesia: This week’s top spot is claimed by Phillips, up from 10th place last week. Last week’s leaders, Samsung, are in 4th place with Infinix, the Hong-Kong-based smartphone manufacturer, in 2nd place. A minor drop for SGM, the Indonesian baby formula brand, moved down one place this week. The largest improvement was made by LG with this week’s 5th place compared to last week’s 49th. 

Singapore: This week’s top place is taken by Buyer’s Choice from its last week’s 40th. Followed by Red Mart in second place. Singapore has seen a surge in the grocery delivery business in recent months, a very unique and consistent trend. Walch, are in 8th place having dropped from its last week’s 3rd place. 

Philippines: Dyson is in 2nd place from its last week 81st. This week Xiaomi has experienced a minor drop with its 4th place compared to last week’s 3rd, after their September 15th event where they launched their latest Redmi Note 10S. Samsung is in 5th place with their ongoing promotion of up to 50% off, ending on the 23rd of September.

Vietnam: Apple is in 1st place this week in Vietnam from its last week 3rd place, following their September event where they launched the new iPhone 13 among other products. In 2nd place, baby formula brand Ensure rising from last week’s 5th and Tefal this week in 3rd place compared to last week’s 7th. 

Malaysia:  Dyson, the British electronic giant,  is in first place this week, a large rise in rank from its last week spot of 97th. Last week’s top spot Apple has dropped to 7th place, amind their September event and the new product launches. Estee Lauder had a significant rise with this week’s 8th place compared to last week’s 173. 

Thailand: AURORA Gold, a very unique entry to the e-commerce top rank, the gold and jewelry brand has taken over the 2nd place, followed by Samsung in 4th with Apple, Xiaomi, Phillips, and Nintendo following them. Tech manufacturers continue to lead the charts in Thailand week after week.

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