ASEAN Biz To The Spruce Up Omnichannel Presence

Southeast Asia (SEA) businesses plan to build resilience by boosting their omnichannel presence, according to a report from TMX that surveyed 250 business leaders across the region.

According to the report from TMX, an Asia Pacific business transformation consultancy, 40 percent of those surveyed have already invested, while almost 66% said that fulfilling customer orders was a key challenge. Meanwhile, diversifying and digitalizing supply chains were priorities to minimize disruptions, a lesson learned from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over 45 percent of respondents said their key priorities for the next three to five years would include adopting an omnichannel approach. Of this number, almost 70 percent plan to boost their e-commerce and online presence. The survey covered the fast-moving consumer goods, logistics, e-commerce, retail, and manufacturing sectors. 

TMX also revealed that consumers plan to return to a physical shopping experience once health restrictions ease, to “reconnect face-to-face, spend more time outdoors, and revisit previous routines.” As a result, a seamless multi-channel approach is seen as a future-proof strategy.

“A key learning that industry leaders have come to recognize and appreciate is that an attitude of flexibility and nimbleness is needed to keep the business moving in challenging times such as this,” the report’s authors wrote.