“Yamato Transport” is known as Kuroneko Yamatois well known for its famous logo of a black cat carrying a kitten in black and yellow. This logo has been used for over 64 years and the new design is to be used after the 1st of April.

  • According to Yamato Transport, the new logo appears to be more “future-oriented” and that shows the company’s determination to further evolve its services.
  • The idea behind this logo is to present the company as an organization that’s always evolving and always up to date especially in this fast-paced society. Furthermore, shows that the company is able to face new challenges and devotes much attention to the digital world.
  • Including paying attention to the development of new innovations and new business of the group companies in the era of digital transformation. This is an age where digital platforms play a huge role in both business and consumer life.