Online shopping platforms are coming strong into the Southeast Asian market, with companies like Shopee or Lazada. One exception to this seems to be Taiwan, of which 50% of the population turns to Momo, an online retailer or local TV channel.

When Momo first launched in 2004 it had a reach of 11 million users, but as consumers shifted to online retail so did Momo. As a result, this has allowed them to be successful and thrive. However, the eCommerce market is becoming increasingly competitive with companies like Shopee rapidly gaining market share. With it becoming the most popular platform in just a year.

To counter this Momo is entering Southeast Asia for growth by making Thailand its launch pad of first stop. The company plans to enter the home shopping network, through the Momo channel that remains popular in the country, especially in areas (rural) where eCommerce platforms are not well known or accessible.