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BrandIQ Flash Insights report on the Top 100 fastest growing Ecommerce categories after the COVID-19 outbreak in Vietnam.

aCommerce, Southeast Asia’s leading end-to-end E-commerce platform and solutions provider, reveals the BrandIQ Flash Insights report on the Top 100 fastest growing Ecommerce categories after the COVID-19 outbreak in Vietnam. Launched in 2018, BrandIQ is the first SaaS solution that assists retailers and brands in consolidating product, channel information, and getting granular views on seller’s activities, brand’s share of shelf, the share of categories, and market share comparison.

aCommerce’s BrandIQ Flash Insights report shows an increase in the demand for Baby Safety products (+818%). This increase was needed to make the house babyproof as more parents started spending time at home. Because of the restrictions and preventive measures, Vietnamese people have been avoiding visiting offline stores. They stay home and order goods from stores and retailers to fulfill their needs. This “new normal” way of living persuaded brands to start investing in online marketplaces to drive store visits. The report confirms that Digital Vouchers saw a growth of +563% since last year in Vietnam.

The novel coronavirus disrupted the fashion industry. There was a significant rise in sales for the Women’s Clothing category (+436%). The pandemic has increased sales of Food Supplements (+367%) as consumers try to boost their immune systems for a healthier lifestyle. The situation highlighted the need for comfortable and productive spaces during quarantine and created a growing demand for Bedding (+181%) and Personal Care (+166%) as consumers prioritized home-based wellness and health. The latter also includes products that enable people to practice good personal hygiene whilst at home studying or working. Lastly, the report revealed a surge in the Baby & Toddler Toys (+272%) and Mobiles (+211%) categories. 

“Granular data and analytics of your E-commerce business is important for brands, but getting access to real-time data on your competitors’ sales, promotions, and orders is a game-changer,” said Paul Srivorakul, Group CEO of aCommerce. “Providing brands with end-to-end data is important in optimizing their E-commerce business and automating processes that help save costs and grow sales. For example, when a particular brand or product starts selling well, our system immediately alerts marketing to increase advertising spend, then triggers customer service to increase support, then contacts the supplier to place a larger order, and alerts logistics to prepare for an increase in orders.”, he added.

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