The pandemic has lasted long enough to prompt manufacturing companies to accept that they now need to develop many aspects of their company. Due to the unprecedented growth that occurred in the digital and e-commerce sectors. This is attributed to the new move to e-commerce trends amid the COVID 19 crisis. 

Somkid Jatusripitak, a former deputy prime minister, has proposed that Thai manufacturers develop their e-commerce channels instead of relying significantly on current top e-commerce networks and chain stores. It’s time for Thai manufacturers to develop their e-commerce channels and combine all distribution networks underneath one system, from natural resources to storage, manufacturing, and purchases to payments, whilst recognizing retailers and e-commerce providers as allies, according to the most recent interview with Mr. Somkid.

The pandemic, which now has lasted about two years, has altered various aspects of society, including consumer behavior.  As a result, consumers have been compelled to avoid populated areas and rely on delivery services. 

Recognizing these changes in behavior, companies are now strengthening their e-commerce networks and are taking steps towards a direct-to-consumer approach in the interest of being in control of all their processes and increasing their online channels revenues. 

As more investments are pouring in, the focus is on partnerships combining manufacturers’ product capabilities with online enablers and specialists to facilitate their sales. 

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