Meta To Remove Detailed Ad Targeting In Sensitive Categories

Meta to remove detailed ad targeting in sensitive categories

Starting 2022, Meta (Facebook) will remove thousands of detailed keywords that allow advertisers to target users in sensitive categories such as health, race or ethnicity, political affiliation, religion, and sexual orientation.

Meta also this change gives users more control over what ads or content are displayed on their feed, including politics, alcohol, gambling, among others. The change is set to start January 19, 2022, to Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Meta’s third-party partners that display in-app ads, and advertisers will no longer be able to select sensitive keywords for new ad campaigns. Meanwhile, current campaigns with sensitive keywords will be disabled starting in March.

Recently Facebook also announced that they will stop using their facial-recognition capabilities to automatically recognize people in photos and videos. The software could still be used in other products, however.

Targeting keywords that will now be removed include terms like “Catholic church” and “chemotherapy.” However, thousands of detailed targeting categories that are not considered sensitive will be retained — such as football or general categories like age, gender, and location.