Rumble Offers More Incentives To Creators Leaning On The Rising Creator Economy

As content policy restrictions increasingly tighten, content creators are switching to Rumble, a Canadian social video platform with less stringent regulations.

Built to give content creators a platform to freely express themselves before a global audience while earning revenue, Rumble was launched in 2013. In the recent few years, content creators frustrated by the commonly used social platforms have shifted to the site.

Today, the Rumble population consists of political figures, commentators, and celebrities, including radio host Dan Bongino with 1.35 million subscribers, and Congressman Jim Jordan, with 274k.

News outlets on Rumble include The Daily Caller, One America News Network, and Newsmax. Most mainstream news outlets and politicians, however, have yet to join the platform.

By November 2020, Rumble had collected 80 million users. Founder Chris Pavlovski claims the channel currently grows by 10% or 30 million every month, up from 800,000 in August last year.

Rumble gives content creators the chance to earn from their videos. These include sharing up to 60% of total ad revenue with the creators, offering them a lump sum to give up rights to their content, and profit-sharing with Rumble’s partners.

The site’s video recommendation algorithm is said to be simpler than YouTube in that it displays videos in chronological order from creators that a user follows.