Week3 (July18-24th) Ecommerce News Weekly Roundup


Continued from last week, where we talked about D2C marketing and In this week, we posted an article about how optimizing your data strategy can improve a brand’s customer loyalty

Don’t miss a beat with Trends Weekly roundup, here are our this weeks’ top stories:

  •  As the hype around direct-to-consumer marketing strategies continues to grow, the industry is focusing on one of its major benefits – data control. Read here about how optimizing your data strategy can increase customer loyalty when shifting to D2C.
  • BrandIQ revealed on our weekly series the Top 10 Best Selling Brands In South East Asia, click here to read more, and go to BrandIQ.asia to get 14-days free trial with the most powerful e-commerce analytics dashborad.
  • In Thailand, e-sports fans spend an average of 13 hours per week in gaming-related activities! click here to learn more about the e-sports market in Thailand.
  • Facebook is experimenting with a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system based on QR codes, read more about this exciting new development here.
  • Thai shoppers are the top online spenders in the world with 94% of Thai customers confirming that internet shopping saved them money in 2020, much higher than the global average of 72%, click here to learn more about how this can change the face of e-commerce in Thailand in the near future.

Did you miss anything? Check out all the news and latest e-commerce trends here: https://trends.acommerce.asia/

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