Don’t miss this week’s e-commerce trends with our Weekly Round up series, here are this week’s hottest news:

  • What does the next generation of consumers in South East Asia look like?. One major influence on the next generation consumers is the region’s rise to become the most mobile-centric region with 55% preferring the mobile app and 45% choosing the smartphone website. Read more about the future of online consumers in South East Asia here.
  • How did your brand perform this week? BrandIQ reveals Top 10 best-selling brands in South East Asia. See this week’s top performing brand in South East Asia here.
  • More consumers are spending more online, leading brands to invest in go-to-market strategies to match the new demand. Are you trying to scale up your online business? Join our Master E-commerce in 2021 Webinar here!
  • The digital economy has grown at a rapid pace in Southeast Asia. By 2025, the SEA e-commerce market is expected to be worth more than $100 billion. What are the 3 main trends contributing to this meteoric rise? click here to find out.
  • Businesses, entertainers, performers, entrepreneurs, and sports leagues are all over NFTs, and entering the NFTs market now gives agencies a competitive advantage. See how NFTs can assist brands and why we should prepare to adapt to NFTs here.


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