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From Southeast Asia’s digital growth to global consumer behaviors, unlock the latest e-commerce trends with aCommerce. Read this week’s recap of top articles here:

Southeast Asia’s digital sales growth is the fastest in the world

In 2022, Southeast Asia’s growth will be the highest in the world. With a 20.6% expansion rate, e-commerce sales in the region is set out to reach $100 billion in 2023.

Read more about the global sales forecast here:


Vietnam’s digital economy continues to grow as SEA e-commerce booms

Vietnam’s digital economy is expected to grow 31% to 21 billion USD and is likely to reach 57 billion USD by 2025, and SEA overall expected to expand to 363 billion USD in the same time frame.

Read more about which sectors were the driving force in the region’s rankings:


TikTok Shop expands to Southeast Asia

TikTok Shop in now available in more countries in Southeast Asia, with a 240 million monthly active users, the platform is set to make waves in the social commerce landscape.

Read more about TikTok’s expansion and what it has to offer:


E-commerce leaders double down on digital as physical retail resumes

As the pandemic has changed the way consumers shop, online sales are projected to account for almost 40% of all chain retail sales by 2026. 

Read more on why e-commerce brands are investing more into digital, even as physical retail resurges:

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