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Boosting E-Commerce by Optimising Online Customer Experience

30% of customers stated that they will pay more for excellent service, a recent survey shows, as personalized and optimized user experience becomes brands’ main focus in 2022.

Read more on how your brand can increase the ROI by improving the shopping experience for consumers:

Boosting E-Commerce by Optimising Online Customer Experience


aCommerce Answers – Why social commerce will boom in this decade?

aCommerce Answers, our team of e-commerce experts answers the web’s most frequently asked questions.


aCommerce Poll Result – What do you value the most when shopping online?

Last week we asked our followers what do they value the most when shopping online, here are the results and the reasons why:

46% Promotions & Discounts
• Exclusive promotions and discounts make consumers feel excited and valued.

38% Reviews & Ratings
• Reviews give consumers more confidence in the products and reduce their doubts, leading to a higher conversion rate.

11% Personalization
• Positive experiences of being made to feel special can lead to a higher chance of making a purchase decision.

5% Payment Options
• A wide array of payment methods give consumers the chance to make a purchase decision with their preferred option whether it is credit, debit, or COD.


Shopee’s Certified Enabler Program

For 2️⃣ consecutive years, aCommerce has received 2x Premium and Certified badges from Shopee’s Certified Enabler Program🏆✨

aCommerce is being awarded for actively growing the brands under our management on Shopee and a proven track record of delivering outstanding operational services in the following areas:

✅ Warehousing
✅ Order fulfillment
✅ Shop operations
✅ Listing management
✅ Digital management
✅ Marketing
✅ Customer service

👏 Kudos to the #aTeam across Southeast Asia for their operational and commercial excellence. We thank our teams for their dedication to providing outstanding results, our clients for trusting us to support them and achieve their ecommerce goals, and Shopee for their continuous support and partnership.


Elevate Your Customer Experience Management Game

80% of customers use Google Search to research products before making a buying decision, according to recent Google reports, making consistent positive experiences and product reviews are key differentiators in 2022.

Read more on how to up your customer experience management game:

Elevate Your Customer Experience Management Game


EcommerceIQ – Week 18 Top 10 Report

How did your category perform in week 18? Check out EcommerceIQ Market Insights’ top 10 report to find out more.

Visit to learn more.


aCommerce + Doctor Anywhere

To deal with these challenging times, we at aCommerce recognized that the mental well-being of our team should be put at the forefront of our agenda.

We are happy to partner with Doctor Anywhere to provide our #aTeam with the needed support. As the greatest asset of every successful organization is its people.


Online Retail Leverages the Conveniences of AI

84% of e-commerce businesses were either actively working AI solutions for their business or had it as a top priority last year, as recent a study shows.

With the prevalence of AI in e-commerce, global AI in retail is projected to grow from $2.93 to $17.08 billion by 2028.

Read more on how your brand can leverage the benefits of AI technologies in the online retail space.

Online Retail Leverages the Conveniences of AI 


aCommerce Poll – What is your favorite aspect about social commerce?

In 2021, social commerce reached $492 billion in GMV, and by 2025 is expected to reach $1.2 trillion, nearly triple the amount.

Southeast Asia sales contributed $90 billion in 2022, and 65% of the region’s sales came from Indonesia.

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