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From aCommerce answering Google most searched questions and our brand partners making it to the top 5 best selling lists on both Lazada and Shopee.Unlock the latest e-commerce news with aCommerce.

aCommerce Partner Brands – Consumer Day 3.15

Congratulations to all our brand partners for massive success in the first-ever Shopee 3.15 Consumer Day!

Across the board, our brand partners made it to the top 5 best-selling brands across Southeast Asia.

Credits to our hard-working #aTeam for making this happen. Hats off to you. And a big thank you to our brand partners and Shopee for all the continuous support. Let’s continue the excellent momentum and make 2022 our most successful year!


aCommerce Answers – Google most searched questions

Ever wondered how e-commerce heightens global competition?

aCommerce Answers, our team of e-commerce experts answers the web’s most frequently asked questions.


Google introduces retail search for e-commerce sites

Google launches a new e-commerce tool, bringing its technology to on-site search, helping shoppers find more relevant results. In 2021, a survey shows that nearly 40% of Southeast Asians stopped buying from a brand after one bad online experience, a problem that Google is trying to solve.

Read more on how this new tool can customers find the right products, better and faster:

Google Introduces Retail Search For Ecommerce Sites


Is your brand ready for always on e-commerce?

A recent study shows that 48% of consumers expect a response to social media questions within 24 hours, increasing the importance of an always-on e-commerce strategy.

Read more about how brands that can adapt quickly and efficiently is positioned to benefit in the era of always-on commerce:

Is Your Brand Ready For Always-On Commerce?


aCommerce Partner Brands – Lazada Epic 10th Birthday

A big congratulations to all our brand partners for an incredible Lazada 10th Birthday Sale!

The campaign took place on March 27th, and the success would not be possible without our dedicated #aTeam, our brand partners, and Lazada.Thank you for making all this happen.

We are looking forward to another successful year ahead! Stay safe everyone!


aCommerce Polls – What is your favorite shopping channel?

Brands are implementing omnichannel strategies to increase customer engagement and deliver a seamless shopping experience online and offline. A recent survey shows that 60% of millennials expect a consistent experience from every channel.

Cast in your vote here:


aCommerce Answers – Google most searched questions

Ever wondered how e-commerce use big data?

aCommerce Answers, our team of e-commerce experts answers the web’s most frequently asked questions.


Twitter professional accounts are now open to all users

Twitter is taking another step into social commerce with its new Professional Profiles option.

The new feature gives users access to a range of new business information displays and product listings in order to tap into the 217 million active users daily. Opening up more doors for businesses owners to reach a wider audience.

Twitter’s Professional Accounts are Now Open to All Users


Youtube launching 5 new features for livestreams

Youtube is launching 5 new features: go live together, live rings, cross-channel live redirects, uninterrupted split-screen viewing, and live Q&A, enhancing live streams for both viewers and creators.

With the right strategy, these new features will enable brands and retailers to build broader content offerings and provide more avenues for creators to expand and monetize their presence.

YouTube Launching 5 New Features For Livestreams

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