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From the growth of global social commerce to visual commerce trends to consumer experience, unlock the latest e-commerce trends in the region with aCommerce Trends.

Customers want simpler and better shopping experience

Customer experience matters now more than ever. A study shows that 73% of consumers say that CX is a deciding factor when making purchase decisions.

Read more on why e-commerce businesses need to put themselves in the shoes of their customers:

Customers want simpler and better shopping experience


Social commerce to dominate E-commerce

Social commerce is projected to grow 3 times faster than commerce, reaching a $1.2 trillion market value by 2025. 62% of this growth will be driven by millennials whose spending power will grow significantly as they age.

Read more on how social commerce is set to unlock more performance than companies could ever imagine as the pandemic drastically changed the way consumers shop:

Social Commerce to Dominate E-Commerce


Visual commerce can better connect consumers and brands

AR and VR have become a new and innovative way for brands to connect with consumers on a more personal level, the market size is forecasted to grow up to $209 billion by the end of this year.

Read more on how e-commerce brands are leveraging visual commerce strategies to get consumers’ attention as the industry becomes increasingly crowded and competitive:

Visual Commerce Can Better Connect Consumers and Brands


Pinterest launches shopping and advertising updates

Pinterest is launching new in-stream shopping enhancements that offer more opportunities for creators to increase their revenue and for users to seamlessly shop within the app. 

Read more on the app’s step forward in e-commerce as social commerce continues to grow at a rapid pace:

Pinterest Launches Shopping and Advertising Updates

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