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How to Maximize on Mega Sales Days in APAC

Social media has become the source of inspiration during Mega Sales Days, with 56% of shoppers reporting Facebook has helped them discover items they purchased.

Facebook and Instagram also play a significant role in the decision-making process, with 66% of shoppers saying personalized recommendations on both platforms made it easier to complete the shopping process.

Read more on how your brands can better understand the preferences and behaviors of Mega Sales Day shoppers to deliver a seamless shopping experience and capitalize on these notable shopping moments.

How to Maximize on Mega Sale Days in APAC


Linkedin Poll Results – What is your favorite way to shop?

The pandemic has forever changed online shopping behaviors as consumers embraced social distancing and turned to online shopping more than ever before.

As the covid-restrictions are easing and stores are opening up, we asked our followers: what is their favorite way to shop?

The results are in!

78% #BuyOnline and #HomeDelivery
Even though the restrictions are easing, the significant shift in consumer behavior has become habitual, and consumers still prefer online shopping and home delivery over other methods.

10% #Buy & #pickup at the #store
Some consumers prefer shopping at brick-and-mortar stores as customer service is readily available. Whether it is product information or the need to return merchandise, brick-and-mortar stores can provide care faster than online stores.

8% #BuyOnline and #Pickup #Offline
Brands can provide consumers with an omnichannel experience by having both physical and online stores. Consumers can tailor their shopping experience to their individual needs for each occasion. 

4% #BuyOffline and #HomeDelivery
As the omnichannel experience is becoming more expected from retailers, some consumers prefer shopping with brands that offer a wide range of fulfillment options.


How to Win at Omnichannel Grocery Shopping

By 2025, the adoption of online #grocery shopping is predicted to double to 81.7%, from 47.3% in 2022, according to a recent report. 

To take advantage of the continued e-commerce grocery growth, brands need to provide an omnichannel experience by engaging consumers across all the physical and digital touchpoints.

Read more on how your brand can create a seamless experience and drive purchases across stores.

#SoutheastAsia #OnlineShopping #Omnichannel #O2O #SocialCommerce #DTC

As an omnichannel enabler, our goal is to help our clients grow through direct-to-consumer channels, social commerce, brick-and-mortar stores, or marketplaces.

How to Win at Omnichannel Grocery Shopping


Market Insights – Top 10 Best-Selling Brands in Southeast Asia

How did your category perform in week 26? Check out EcommerceIQ Market Insights’ Top 10 Report and find out!


6 Ways to Optimize Your E-commerce Payments

Consumers’ shopping patterns have changed since the pandemic, with more emphasis on #ecommerce and #contactless #payments.

As the digital transformations continue, brands need to focus on the customer experience by optimizing payment systems, making them more #seamless#efficient#secure, and #profitable.

Click below to learn more.

6 Ways To Optimize Your E-Commerce Payments


aCommerce Weekly Newsletter

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Here are the hot topics from #Week27:

#NewSurvey shows over 67% of Southeast Asians shop during Mega Campaigns. 

#NewForecast – The Key to Profitability is Unifying Physical and Digital Commerce. 

#FutureTrends – How can your live shopping benefit your brand in the age of influencer marketing?

#MarketInsightsReport – Find Out This Week’s Top 10 Best-Selling Brands in SEA.

#aCommercePolls – What is your favorite way to shop?

#aCommerceUpdates – Phensiri Sathianvongnusar represented aCommerce in the Global Summit of Women 2022

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aCommerce Solves! – How can brands reduce the cart abandonment rate in e-commerce?

A weekly series where our e-commerce experts get to the bottom of the challenges that e-commerce businesses face.


Localization is the Key to Long-term Growth in APAC

In 2022, 94% of consumers across the Asia Pacific will consider using alternative payment methods due to the growth of e-wallets and bank transfers driven by the pandemic.

The shift in consumer behavior varies across the region, and brands need to understand the differences and be prepared to tailor the journey to deliver frictionless payment experiences.

Read more on how your brand can determine which solutions work best for each country, as one blanket approach to payment solutions won’t cut it for APAC consumers.

Localization is the Key to Long-term Growth in APAC


Linkedin Polls – Did you try O2O shopping?

#O2O or online-to-offline retail is an approach that leads consumers to make purchases in brick-and-mortar stores after beginning their shopping journeys online. 

We are curious if our followers have ever made purchases in physical stores after being drawn by social media, content marketing, or online ads?

Let us know in the poll below, and follow the post to see the final results.

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