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aCommerce Solves- How can brands incorporate influencer marketing in their strategic plan?

aCommerce Solves! – A weekly series where our e-commerce experts get to the bottom of the challenges that e-commerce businesses face.

aCommerce Answers – Ever wondered how does omnichannel transform consumer behavior?

aCommerce Answers, our team of e-commerce experts answers the web’s most frequently asked questions.

Direct-to-Consumer E-commerce Set to Rise by 56%

From 2019 to 2021, Southeast Asia’s volume of direct-to-consumers web stores has grown by over 50% as more brands take control of their customer journeys.

Read more on why brands incorporate existing marketplace strategies with D2C opportunities.

Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Set to Rise by 56%

Market Insights Report – Top 10 Best-Selling Brands

How did your category perform in week 23? Check out EcommerceIQ Market Insights’ top 10 Report to find out more.

aCommerce Poll Results – What influences your decision to shop online?

Last week we asked what you thought, and the results are in!

Ease and convenience 49%
Ease and convenience became the decision-makers as consumers prefer shopping online as they can order a product, confirm payment, and see its shipping status within just a few clicks.

Mega campaign deals 32%
Price is another influential factor when it comes to making a purchasing decision. Consumers opt for online shopping to get less expensive products during mega campaign periods.

Easier to compare products 14%
By shopping online, consumers can easily compare products by price, reviews, and features from the comfort of their homes.

Contactless experience 5%
Since the pandemic, consumers have become more concerned with their health and well-being. Hence, more consumers shop online to minimize exposure and avoid physical stores.

Augmented Reality Is Shaping The Future Of E-commerce

The augmented reality experience in online shopping can increase retailers’ conversion rates by 40%, boost customer loyalty, and reduce return rates, according to recent studies.

Read more on how your brand can increase post-purchase satisfaction by utilizing AR technology to meet customer expectations and keep them coming back for more.

Augmented Reality Is Shaping The Future Of E-commerce

aCommerce Newsletter – Week #24

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Here are the hot topics for week 24:
✓ aCommerce Solves – How can brands increase their e-commerce margins?
✓ How to Keep Your Influencer Marketing Strategy Fierce in 2022 
✓ Poll Results –  Who do you prefer buying from, local, international, or sustainable brands?
✓ aCommerce Answers – Ever wondered how consumers make purchasing decisions? 
✓ How to Win at Social Commerce
✓ New Poll – What influences your decision to shop online?
✓ Thailand CEO on Forbes Thailand
✓ aCommerce Speaker at eTail™ 2022 Conference
✓ Market Insights Report – Top 10 Best-Selling Brands
✓ New report – 9 Out of 10 Thais Are Going Cashless

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aCommerce Polls – What is your favorite category to purchase from during mega campaigns?

Mega campaigns have shifted purchasing behaviors, from how consumers discover products to how they consume content. From simply transactional shopping, mega campaigns have turned into experiential events and festivals.

We are curious to know what our followers purchase during mega campaigns.

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