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Poll Results – What is your preferred payment method when shopping online?

Last week, we asked what is your preferred payment method when shopping online, and the results are in!

59% Credit or Debit Card
Credit and debit card is the most used payment method as it is relatively safe and only require shoppers to enter their card details at checkout to finish buying the product. Some credit cards also offer extra discounts and reward programs.

27% Digital Mobile Wallets
Digital mobile wallets are a convenient way to make payments on mobiles, smartwatches, or tablets. Once set up, shoppers can pay for goods or services with just one tap.

7% Cash On Delivery
Cash On Delivery is a safe way to maintain security as it prevents online payment frauds. Shoppers do not have to reveal any financial information and can avoid the risk of credit card fraud or identity theft.

7% Buy Now Pay Later
Some shoppers prefer the Buy Now, Pay Later method over credit cards due to the seamlessness of making payments. There’s also more flexibility compared to credit cards as the services offer little to no interest and the approval process is easy.


Navigating Asia’s E-commerce Landscape in 2022

60% of the world’s online retail sales are contributed by Asia, with Chinese consumers accounting for more than a third of the global purchases online, putting Asia at the forefront of the global e-commerce market.

Read more on how the new culture of digital payments, online shopping, and seamless on-demand experiences is propelling Asia’s economy.

Navigating Asia’s E-commerce Landscape in 2022


aCommerce Polls – What is more important for you in a brand?

E-commerce is on the rise and online shoppers have their preferences when it comes to making a purchase. Some shoppers prefer local brands while some prefer international brands, while a large number of shoppers are becoming more aware of the footprint of their deliveries and opt for more sustainable options.


aCommerce Answers – Why brands should consider including influencers in their marketing strategy?

aCommerce Answers, our team of e-commerce experts answers the web’s most frequently asked questions.


Pepsi Bows Out as Super Bowl Halftime Sponsor

The soft drink giant, Pepsi, decided to opt out of its decade-long run of sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show. Instead, they will be concentrating more of their media spending on digital media like YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms.

Read more on why a big brand like Peps is shifting from traditional broadcast TV to social media platforms where the audience is already consuming content year-round.

Pepsi Bows Out as Super Bowl Halftime Sponsor


Market Insights Report – Top 10 Best-Selling Brands

How did your category perform in week 21? Check out EcommerceIQ Market Insights’ top 10 Report to find out more.


QR Code Payments to Hit 3 Trillion Value by 2025

In 2022, the global spending using QR codes is set to hit $2.4 trillion and is forecasted to rise by 25%, exceeding $3 trillion by 2025.

What is the magic of QR codes, and why many consumers are using them daily? Learn more in the article below.

QR Code Payments to Hit $3 Trillion Value by 2025


eTail Asia: Shaping Retail in 2022

Societal and technological advancements are shaping the future, and there are shifts in consumer psychology that led to the rise of e-commerce social selling.

The Shaping Retail guide by our partners at eTail™ Asia can help you navigate this ever-changing ecosystem and access the latest retail insights impacting the industry. 

eTail Asia: Shaping Retail in 2022


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