When thinking about Starbuck, no doubt, they are on the top of the coffee business. However, Starbuck also operates on the same level as the tech company, they make the most out of Data, AI, and the internet of things for their business to thrive.

The difference between Starbuck and the other born-digital companies during this digital age is that Starbuck based its growth strategies and marketing moves heavily on data and technology, hence it’s hard for the competitors to keep up. 

Starbuck utilizes their data on many different things but these are the 5 most genius tactics Starbuck applies to their business we marketers and entrepreneurs should learn from. 

  1. Sending customers the personalize promotion
  2. Using data and trends from outside sources to produce new products and menus.
  3. Analyzing data like Geospatial Information Systems and population density before opening a new branch. 
  4. Dynamic Menus: modifying new menus according to each branch automatically.
  5. Optimizing machine maintenance: preventing the machines from breaking down.