Since 2020, brands and retailers have increased investment in customer experience (CX) online. It is a huge part of brand perception and covers all digital interactions in the consumer journey, from pre-purchase, purchase to post-purchase. Great online CX is about being proactive rather than reactive, according to Bosco.

The need for online customer support skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic, but it’s getting more difficult for brands to retain consumers. About 94% of sales and marketing professionals say their business is effective at nurturing newer relationships during the ‘interaction’ and ‘awareness’ stage of the buyer journey. But that effectiveness declines to 77% at the advocacy stage, demonstrating that sustaining long-term consumer relationships is challenging. 

The followings are ways that brands can integrate online CX to help sustain those relationships:

Instant messaging & online chats

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, consumers turned to online messaging. Since then, brands and retailers have amplified their online messaging capabilities through a range of platforms such as a live chat function on their website or through social media platforms. Between 2019 and 2020, social messaging popularity jumped by 110%.

Omnichannel CX approach

When customer concerns are passed from department to department without updates and communication within the business, it frustrates customers. A seamless integration of omnichannel CX system allows agents to easily transfer customer messages between apps and departments, eliminating the need for customers to start from the beginning every time. This easy interaction solves problems efficiently and leaves the consumer with a positive experience.

Be open and responsive to feedback

Customers have plenty to say when everything has either gone right or wrong, but no one bothers to review an average experience. Being open to feedback helps uncover valuable customer insights, evolves your brand, and builds relationships.