Spotify Explores TikTok-Style Video Feed

Spotify is testing a TikTok-style video feed that shows video clips while it streams music, TechCrunch reports. The feature, in Spotify’s beta iOS app, is accessible from a new fourth tab in the navigation bar labeled “Discover.” Users can like individual tracks while scrolling through the feed, while a three-dot menu icon is used to call up options for each song.

In a statement, Spotify declined to confirm the new feature’s official launch and seems to build on the app’s Canvas feature, which plays videos with music. This test comes almost a year after Spotify experimented with a Stories feature similar to Snapchat. 

Meanwhile, movie streaming service Netflix is also testing similar features on its iOS app. The “Kids Clips” highlights content from its child-friendly shows, as does its “Fast Laughs” feed launched earlier this year. As TikTok gains more popularity, diverse platforms are copying its format to better engage users.