IT is lured towards the online channel


The retail IT category is going through a paradigm shift ever since the pandemic, online sales growing exponentially there’s a need for a change in the business model.


  • According to a recent forecast by Advice IT Infinite, by 2023 online purchases of IT goods will account for 50 percent of the retailer’s income, as physical stores are expected to be converted into full-service hubs. The exponential growth is threatened by one big looming threat – the microchip shortage.

The retail IT business in Thailand is shifting into digital shopping, with internet purchases anticipated to account for half of the many distributors’ revenues by 2023. Conventional retail stores are going to be converted into comprehensive end-to-end service platforms.

Due to the pandemic causing offline retail closures, there is a significant shift in customer behavior favoring internet shopping, as consumers are now prepared to purchase IT items worth upwards of 10,000 baht online. As a result, companies such as the major IT distributor Advice IT Infinite have prioritized online sales via the firm’s site and online marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, JD Central, and various other online social commerce platforms.

Brands like Advice have changed their marketing approach to be more assertive towards the online market. Consumers’ faith in companies will enable them to trust larger IT purchases such as laptops, computers, mobiles, and more. And although Advice is experiencing rapid growth with the sales of notebooks and computers, the retail IT segment’s development is now threatened by the big microchip shortage. 

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