How TikTok Has Changed The Way Gen Z Shops Online

TikTok has taken off over the past few years, with the platform now boasting over one billion active users. Businesses cannot afford to ignore this platform, especially when its engagement rates are higher than on YouTube and Instagram. Micro-influencers on YouTube have an average engagement rate of 1.63%, and 3.86% on Instagram. On TikTok, this figure stands at 17.96%.

TikTok has impacted the way Gen Z shops online, wrote Jon Clark, managing partner at Moving Traffic Media, a New York digital agency offering SEO, PPC, and Amazon marketing services, on

Today, virtually every popular social network has an efficient social commerce element that drives users directly to the purchasing point for a product. On TikTok, the shopping feature allows creators to add a shop tab to their profile, which syncs and displays all the products for sale on their store website, enabling customers to purchase these products with ease. 

Creators can also tag products in organic posts. Viewers can then click on them and be taken to the relevant landing page. TikTok has made it creative yet easy for businesses to share their process in making a product or delivering a service.

Here are some tips to reach Gen Z on TikTok:

  • Promote your content effectively. When making promoted video content on TikTok, make sure it is on trend with the general flow on your feed. It helps to add the right hashtags to ensure that users can find your videos with ease.
  • Remember that Gen Z has short attention spans. Ensure that the content on TikTok is fun and engages the Gen Z who have shorter attention spans compared with previous generations and consequently require more entertaining content from businesses. Research has shown that the first two to three seconds of the content are always the most vital.
  • Employ influencer marketing. Gen Z is the audience that is most affected by influencer marketing. Research shows that 44% of Gen Z customers have bought a product based on a recommendation from an influencer. You do not need to pay for a celebrity to showcase your goods. Simply find someone who has a highly engaged audience composed of the consumer base you are targeting.