How influencer marketing will evolve as Gen Z’s sway grows

Marketers are trying to partner with influencers. They are also noticing that the TikTok platform has been an extremely popular platform for Target Gen Z.

As marketeers eye young consumers to target, social influencers are bound to have a larger presence in marketing campaigns. This could be attributed to Generation Z consumers and the firm’s desire to target them as their spending power increases. This new influencer trend helped the evolution of transforming a social media influencer into a brand ambassador.

When forming long-term brand partnerships numerous factors go into it. From the marketeer side, we see that they desire an effective brand advocate and a creator who wants to align themselves with its value. From the influencer’s side, we see that they are looking for a brand that aligns with their interest and the interest of their audience. 

While marketers are trying to partner with influencers they are also noticing that the TikTok platform has been an extremely popular platform that they can use to Target Gen Z. Their short-form content has made them a hit among Gen Z’s and firms are increasingly recommending brands to collaborate with influencers on that platform. 

Influencer numbers are increasing as TikTok videos tend to go viral, where everyday people can become famous overnight. With this, firms are looking to expand their brand ambassador program to now use their customers and influencers.  

Much like many forms of marketing the influencer side is no different, with it becoming more data-driven, allowing brands to measure the return on their investment. This is done by linking E-commerce sales to this content as they have done with Youtube and Facebook. With platforms providing various tools that support online ordering payment. 


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