Podcasts have experienced a rise in popularity amidst the pandemic and have become a large growth strategy for digital publishers and streaming apps. In Facebook’s recognition for the interest in their channel, they are trying to broaden their audio products. They plan to start by testing a new feature called Live Audio Rooms. This feature aims to have public figures host a discussion around various topics with fans listening in. What Facebook is trying to do is to use some aspects of the popular app Clubhouse to grow its new platform. The clubhouse is an invite-only app that has boomed in social media, with it also being a forum for public figures to talk about a variety of topics. The popularity of Clubhouse has raised interest among advertisers, hence why Facebook is trying to develop it. 

They have also revealed that they would add podcasts on the main Facebook app within the next few months. Apart from their interest, they are trying to help podcast creators to connect with their audience and help them monetize their content through their platform. This could either be done through a single purchase or subscription.

Their Live Audio Rooms are not the only thing they are working on. Facebook is on a mission to increase viewers and engagement. They are partnering up with Spotify to allow users to access their podcasts without having to leave the app. They are also developing new audio products like short-form clips called sound bites. They function like Instagram Reels but the content comes in an audio version.