Grow Your E-commerce Strategy Through Social Media

In the past two years, we’ve seen rapid growth in e-commerce on social media. It’s therefore important for marketers to seize this opportunity and enhance social commerce.

Here are some reasons that your brand should consider social commerce:

It reaches consumers in the places that matter.

Social channels are now more than just for socializing. They now serve as discovery engines for brands, engagement, obtaining recommendations from friends, as well as purchasing.

Provides frictionless shopping experiences

Tedious buying processes discourage potential customers, while a one-click purchasing option offers a seamless shopping experience, which leads to more sales.

Take advantage of the e-commerce boom

The rise in e-commerce gives marketers a global stage to test and learn across different channels.

What social commerce opportunities should your brand embrace? 

Popular, lower-cost products

Social media users will avoid big purchases on the platform. To encourage sales, offer bestselling lower-cost products. 

Customized on Facebook Shops

Facebook Shops are customizable and can offer an experience consistent with your brand. Customize your fonts, colors, and imagery, and import your existing catalog of products. It also enables you to connect with customers on other Facebook platforms: WhatsApp, Messenger, or Instagram.

Instagram storefront

When inspired, social media users take steps to find and buy something they saw. If you already have a Facebook Shop, setting up your Instagram Shop will just pull data from your Facebook catalog. Instagram Shops’ customizable storefront allows you to showcase product collections and ranges.

Chatbots and ‘chat commerce’

Personalize the shopping experience by using chatbots, which provide quick answers to consumers’ questions while saving time and money, and building trust.


Photo credit: Meta