Gaining trust necessitates considering the sentiments you want to instill in customers


Businesses fail to understand that customer trust and experience are key, A study by Digital Commerce 360 shows that 77% of bad experiences are directly related to after purchase issues.


Businesses fail to understand evolving customer complexity, resulting in a growing gap among desire and delivery and a missed opportunity to take advantage of the e-commerce boom during the pandemic. 

With a much-expanded selection of labels to pick from.  Not all of these new brands are equal. A closer examination of the data indicates that the rise of new online merchants has had a direct impact on declining service standards, especially after the purchase button, resulting in a loss of customer faith in dependable customer experience. One of the most destructive things a company can do is offer a service it cannot provide. Most customers can develop emotions of irritation that can result from delays or mistakes with placing an order online.

Savvy merchants have realized that trust is the emerging customer currency, and they should try to capitalize on it. This necessitates responsibility at all ends of the purchasing journey, including thinking about the emotions they want to generate for customers at each step along the way and attempting to remove any possible issues within the pre/post customer journey. 

In principle, re-establishing consumer trust is straightforward. It necessitates complete control over the whole client experience. Retailers will occasionally not handle the post-purchase trip with the same regard and they do the pre-purchase journey when they want to close the transaction.

In a competitive environment such as e-commerce, brands face a real risk of failure without the required expertise and infrastructure.

A study by Digital Commerce 360 shows that 77% of bad experiences are directly related to after purchase issues.

Without the resources to skillfully handle the complexity of the system that exists beyond the purchase button, such as shipping and refunds, stock control, and customer interactions, brands may soon run into problems and loss of online purchase.

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