E-commerce News Weekly Roundup Week 1 (October 4th-8th )


Don’t miss this week’s news on the e-commerce industry with our Weekly Roundup series, check out the hottest news in the industry.

  • Luxury brands are looking for new ways to connect with GenZ since Genz is accountable for 20% of the sales of luxury brands., that’s when Tiktok comes into play. Learn more about effective approaches to doing influencer marketing for the luxury brand here.
  • Companies with a balance of genders are proven to be more innovative and successful. To close that gender gap, Microsoft has launched a platform called Microsoft’s code, to encourage gender diversity amongst the tech and IT sectors. Read more about this initiative here.
  • Truemove H and Tiktok to begin their videogame show aiming to attract new faces of content creators in Thailand. How will this game show boost Thai’s digital content sector? Find out here.

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