• As customers shifted to online shops in favor of purchasing necessities, ad revenue inevitably joined, giving rise to digital commercial media in emerging markets.

Which channels stand to benefit as money moves out of obsolete marketing strategies. The explanation can be found in advertising money patterns in developed markets such as the United States.

While Facebook and Google continue to lead in being advertising players, Amazon recently cut into investing in ad income, increasing its stake from 7.8 percent to 10.3 percent of the market in a single year. 

Brands are forced to make use of performance marketing in order to stay on top of the competition. Thus, online advertisement and paid performance marketing have become more common. 

Online advertisement and social media are crucial for brands to learn more about customer’s interests and journeys across all online channels and benefiting the brand when it comes to putting out personalized content to engage with online shoppers and getting a conversion.

E-commerce as an advertising platform is distinctive since it encompasses the whole customer experience, from being intrigued to completing a purchase. Especially as platforms continue to take market share from search engines, as demonstrated by Amazon.