4 Facebook Ad Trends For 2022

If marketers can tap into a fraction of Facebook‘s advertising audience successfully, their businesses stand to massively benefit. But trends ebb and flow each year. Last year’s hit won’t necessarily be this year’s success.

Why should marketers stay keen on Facebook ad trends? Because businesses that understand these trends can capitalize on them ahead of competitors. Speed and efficiency are key in advertising, so always be on the lookout for falling and rising trends.

These trends will continue to be key for Facebook marketers in 2022.

1. Video. Video grabs attention and engages viewers in a way that photos and text can’t. It accounts for almost 50% of users’ time on Facebook and comes in diverse forms such as slideshows and commercial-style ads. With the right targeting and a clear call to action, video ads bring in hefty returns. Because Facebook sets videos as soundless by default, captions should be added. 

2. Mobile advertising

A whopping 98.5% of FB users access the platform from a mobile phone. That is the reason why advertisers must the unique needs of mobile users. A common pitfall of ads is that they are optimized for desktop, and appear skewed or cut on mobile. Not great for business.

3. Social media stories

About 300 million people use Facebook stories every day, a massive potential for profit. Facebook ads can use stories for engagement by using catchy ad copy or a popular topic and linking to their store or website. This could lead to conversion. 

4. Personalized ads

A bit of personalization in advertising usually brings better returns. About 80% of customers say they are likely to buy a product or service if they feel the marketing efforts are tailored to their needs. Aside from getting the customer’s name right, offering the right products and services that match a customer’s profile is key. Anticipating a customer’s needs makes it easier for them to convert.

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