2021 Search Trends Present Digital Marketing Opportunities

As the world continues to redefine the new normal, many are not prepared to return to pre-pandemic habits, according to The 2021 B2B Year in Search report.

For marketers, this trend means opportunities.

  • Search means there is demand. When search for products and services jump, marketers need to respond to meet demand in real time, and efficiently deploy budgets. Likewise, knowing when demand declines is just as important. For instance, a 150% increase in searches for “near me with outdoor seating,” showed that people stayed hesitant to socialize.
  • Modern search campaigns. Modern search campaigns encompass automation across bidding, keyword targeting, and creatives. Modern search campaigns pair broad match keywords and Smart Bidding by displaying ads to all users searching for related businesses, even amid changing user behavior. 

Whatever the goal is – increasing sales, hitting a particular cost per acquisition, or achieving a certain level of return on ad spend – marketers must learn to be ready and agile to build resilience by combining a deep understanding of the global search trends with technical proficiency to address changing behavior patterns.