Top 10 Best Selling Brands In South East Asia By BrandIQ – Weekly Series | 18-25 July

BrandIQ reveals the top 10 best-performing brands in South East Asia for the week of 18-25th of July, follow BrandIQ’s Linkedin page for more.

Indonesia: This week, Samsung has taken over the first place from its 257th place last week, marking a significant improvement for the Korean tech giants. Another electronics brand that made a big leap this week is Miyako in 10th place, moving up from last week’s 470th place.

Singapore: RedMart is at the number one spot from its 17th place last week, home appliance brand TIGER with a slight drop from 7th to 9th place this week. The greatest rise in ranks among the brands is 8th ranked Starbucks At Home from 460th place last week. The success of RedMart and Starbucks is a real testament to the changes in consumer behavior that COVID had brought in, with more consumers getting used to ordering their groceries online and finding ways to interact with their favorite brands by ordering their coffee and replicating the experience at home.

Philippine: Xiaomi is taking over first place with Shimano and fitness brand YEESALL in the 5th and 6th respectively. Electronics brand UGREEN dropped to 10th place from last week’s 5th. Lenovo is rising in ranks in 9th place from last week’s 320. 

Vietnam: this week’s first place is taken by Ensure climbing from last week’s 38th place. Apple dropped from last week’s first place to this week’s 5th place. Baby formula brand Bobby is ranked 8th compared to last week’s 2nd. Samsung is making great progress with its rise in ranks to this week’s 6th place compared to last week’s 81st. 

Thailand: The top 4 spots in Thailand this week were taken by electronic brands. The first place was claimed by various generic brands, as more consumers are working from home, the demand for computer and computer accessories is surging. Apple is 2nd overall, followed by Xiaomi and Samsung. Mobile and electronic brand Poco is in this week’s 9th place compared to last week’s 83rd place, and finishing the top 10 is beauty brand Wacoal. 

Malaysia: Similar to Thailand, electronics companies are topping the charts in Malaysia with POCO taking first place up from its last weeks’ rank of 56 and followed by Xiaomi. The largest change in position is in 8th place with M.A.C soaring from last week’s 293rd rank.

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