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aCommerce Poll Result – With this year’s Mega Sales on the horizon, how do you plan to do your shopping?

Mega Sale Days are the main drivers behind online shopping adoption in Southeast Asia, according to a Facebook and Bain & Company study.

With this year’s Mega Sales on the horizon, we asked our followers how they plan to do their end-of-the-year shopping.

40% Shop on #MegaSaleDays

Almost half of the respondents plan to shop during mega campaigns like 9.9 or 11.11, as the shopping events feature massive deals across a wide range of products.

30% Shop depending on the prices

The product price has always been one of the major draws for consumers, especially during global inflation when consumers are more careful about their spending.

17% Shop all year long

Some consumers shop whenever is convenient, as e-commerce has enabled them to experience omnichannel shopping 24/7.

14% Shop during Holiday Season

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays amongst consumers as they honor holiday shopping and gift-giving traditions.


How to Ride the Growing E-commerce Wave in Southeast Asia

In 2022, e-commerce in Southeast Asia is forecasted to grow nearly 18%, reaching $38.2 billion by the end of the year, according to recent research.

Read more on how your brand can succeed online by optimizing digital retail platform growth through adopting new capabilities and skills that enable your brand to thrive in a new era of shopping.


aCommerce Polls – What is the biggest challenge our followers face with online shopping?

Along with the development of e-commerce, online shopping has changed how consumers shop. And in turn, consumer shopping behavior and demand have shaped online shopping trends.

Cast in your vote and let us know in the poll below.


Market Insights – Top 10 Report

How did your category perform in week 32? Check out EcommerceIQ Market Insights’ Top 10 Report and find out!


How to Master Livestream Shopping

61% of consumers reported they prefer to shop via social media, with 63% of the respondents being GenZ, according to a recent global survey.

With live streaming on the rise, brands need to keep up with the trend by offering a personalized omnichannel shopping experience to retain current customers and engage new ones.


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#LifeAtaCommerce – Thun, P&P

At aCommerce, we encourage our #aTeam members to have agency over their career paths. We try our best to help them achieve their professional goals and find more fulfillment in their career.

Chanoknan (Thun) Tantaopas has been working in recruitment for four years, and with our Step Forward Program, he has the opportunity to grow and move to a more strategic role within HR.

As we consistently support our staff to develop their knowledge and skills, we hope aCommerce is not just a place of work but rather a place where our team can sustainably grow.

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Leadership Workshop

As a company, aCommerce recognizes that adopting a leadership mindset is crucial to driving individual performance and team growth.

So last week, our team organized a two-day #workshop to enhance the leadership capability of our young managers, enabling them to collaborate better within their team and enriching their business performance.

See how the training session went for the #aTeam below!