Top 10 Best Selling Brands In South East Asia By BrandIQ – Weekly Series | 27-3 September


BrandIQ reveals the top 10 best-performing brands in South East Asia for the week of 27th – 3rd of September, follow BrandIQ’s Linkedin page for more.

Indonesia:  This week 1st place is taken by Dancow, that popular baby formula brand, rising from its last week spot of 6th. Enfagrow, part of the very successful Enfamil formula group by Mead Johnson is in this week’s 2nd place. Another mom and baby brand, My Baby, is currently in 4th place, rising from its last week’s 60th place.

Overall, a very strong week for the mom and baby category in Indonesia.

Singapore: This week’s top spot is claimed by Walch, from its last week’s spot of 18th. Last week’s top and second spot RedMart and Prism+ have dropped to the bottom of the top 10, both brands hold 9th and 10th place respectively. This week’s largest shift in rank is Kleenex with this week’s 4th place from last week’s 95th.


The Philippines: This week’s first rank is claimed by Adidas, with this week’s largest shift from its last week 190th place. Following behind it in 2nd place is Oppo, also a large shift in rank from its last week spot of 161. Last week’s top spot Xiaomi has dropped to this week’s 3rd. Another drop is from Nike with this week’s rank 7th compared to last week’s 3rd.  

Vietnam: This week Ensure is on the top rank for the second week in a row. Last week’s second rank Apple dropped to this week’s 4th place. Taking Apple’s place in 2nd is Vivio, with a large jump from last week’s 69th. This week’s most significant rise in rank is claimed by Vichy, with this week’s 7th compared to last week’s 101. 

Thailand: This week we have seen multiple generic brands leading the sales, followed by Apple in the second place from last week’s 13th. Last week’s top spot Xiaomi has dropped to this week’s 5th. The largest jump in rank this week was by Dyson, with this week’s 4th compared to last week’s 142nd.

Malaysia: Dyson is in first place this week after last week’s 68th. Last week’s 3rd and 2nd places Xiaomi and Samsung respectively have dropped this week to 4th and 5th. This week’s largest jump in rank is claimed by Huawei, with this week’s rank of 8th compared to last week’s rank of 69. 


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