Top 10 Best Selling Brands In South East Asia By BrandIQ – Weekly Series | 26-02 August

BrandIQ reveals the top 10 best-performing brands in South East Asia for the week of 18-25th of July, follow BrandIQ’s Linkedin page for more.

BrandIQ reveals the top 10 best-performing brands in South East Asia for the week of 26th July – 02nd of August, follow BrandIQ’s Linkedin page for more.

Indonesia: Last week’s first-place mobile brand Infinix dropped to 2nd and in its place is Docooler, another gadget and accessories brand, rising a few ranks from its 4th place last week. Phillips, however, remained in 3rd place showcasing strong performance week after week. Bebelac, the Dutch baby formula brand, climbed in ranks with this week’s 6th place compared to last week’s 141st.  

Singapore: This week’s 1st place is claimed by RedMart for a second week in a row, showcasing the rise in popularity of online groceries shopping. Prism+, a brand specializing in TV and gaming displays is following in the 2nd place up from last week’s 4th. Additional notable brands that performed well in Singapore this week are Nike, Phillips, and LEGO, all three have climbed up the ranks by more than a hundred places. 

Philippines: Last week’s first place, Apple, has now dropped down to 2nd place and in its spot is Nike from last week’s 13th place. Last week’s 2nd place XIAOMI also experienced a drop, ranking at the 6th place this week. Mitsubishi’s rank has remained the same, and Shimano with this week’s place of 5th from its last week’s 3730th rank. 

Vietnam: Much like the Philippines last week’s first Apple has dropped in rank to 5th and in this place is Ensure, the prominent baby formula brand, up from its 9th rank last week. This week there is no significant change in rank with each brand shifting no more than 20 places and three brands: MAC, 3F Viet Food, and TOP MEAL all staying in their same ranks as last week. 

Thailand: This week, the top three places are claimed by electronic companies: Xiaomi, Nintendo, and Samsung. All three have risen from last week’s 10th, 11th and 9th rank respectively. Among the top 10, only two companies have dropped in rank, with Honda in 6th rank from last week’s 3rd and Haier in 7th from last week’s 4th. 

Malaysia: 80% of this week’s top-performing brands are from electronic companies.With Apple and Xiaomi competing for the number one spot each week. This week Apple came out on top, followed by Xiaomi. The largest change in rank is in the 5th rank with M.A.C moving up from its 660th rank last week. 

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