Top 10 Best Selling Brands In South East Asia By BrandIQ – Weekly Series | 2-9 August

Did tech and hardware sales surge last week in South East Asia? And which brand is the top seller in Thailand week after week?

BrandIQ reveals the top 10 best-performing brands in South East Asia for the week of 26th July – 02nd of August, follow BrandIQ’s Linkedin page for more.

Indonesia: Xiaomi, is in first place this week, after taking 10th position last week and following the successful launch of two new products, the Mi Mix 4 and the Mi Pad 5.  Samsung is in 3rd place leading up to their Samsung Unpacked event set to take place this month. Last week’s second rank Phillips now in 4th with the most significant jump this week is attributed to Nike, now in 2nd from its last week’s rank of 81. 

Singapore: this week Samsung took first place from 2nd last week. Last week’s first place, RedMart, Lazada’s own supermarket delivery brand has dropped to 6th place this week. Prism+, the gaming monitor manufacturer taking this week’s 9th place. 

The Philippines: Nike is in the first place this from its last week 41st. It had taken last week’s first spot from Xiaomi, which now bumped to 2nd place. This week’s 5th, 6th, and 7th are all taken by tech companies, again showcasing the recent surge in tech, gadgets, and accessories sales. The biggest climb is attributed to Ensure with this week’s rank of 10th from last week’s 84th. 

Vietnam: In Vietnam, last week’s 1st rank Pediasure is now in 2nd and last week’s 2nd rank Ensure taking this week’s 4th rank. Phillips takes the top rank this week, from its last week’s rank of 9th. Most brands in the top 10 roster this week have experienced relatively minor changes in rank, all within a range of 20 places. 

Thailand: In Thailand Apple seems to be on a streak, taking the first rank for two weeks in a row. 60% of this week’s top ten performers are from electronic companies with the following places of 2nd and 3rd taken by Xiaomi and Samsung respectively. Much like Vietnam, most of the ranks in Thailand are steady from the previous week.

Malaysia: this week’s first place is taken by Samsung up from its last week 5th place. Much like Thailand, over 60% of the top 10 performers this week are tech companies with well-known brands like Xiaomi and Phillips claiming 3rd and 4th place respectively. The largest climb this week is claimed by Similac taking 6th place from last week’s 101.

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