BrandIQ reveals the top 10 best-performing brands in South East Asia for the week of 16th – 23rd of August, follow BrandIQ’s Linkedin page for more.

Indonesia: This week’s Top 10 brand index Infinix, the Hong Kong-based smartphone manufacturer, has claimed the top spot, a significant climb from its last week’s spot of 325th. Adidas is in second place from its last week’s 31st, with a successful Payday campaign. A jump within the top 10 brands with Klehi’s ranked at 9th, from last week’s rank of 2090th. There have been a few drops in the top 10, with SGM’s 5th place last week and Lactogrow’s 6th rank to this week’s 8th and 10th respectively. 

Singapore: This week’s top spot is claimed by Redmart, Lazada’s own supermarket shopping retailer, overtaking Xiaomi and Samsung. Samsung moving from last week’s top spot is now in 3rd place. Sainsbury’s is in 5th place this week, compared to last week’s rank 1365. 

Philippines: The top spot this week is claimed by Xiaomi, moving to the top from its last week’s spot of 2nd. Xiaomi’s competitor Apple follows them in 2nd this week, the two also announced their September events where they will reveal their new product lines. Nike has dropped in rank this week to 9th place. 

Vietnam: Apart from Nuren, 7th from last week’s 56th; this week there was no significant rise in ranks, with all companies staying within a 30 rank changes. This week’s top spot is taken by Ensure from its last week’s rank of 4th.

Thailand: This week in Thailand, half of the top 10 brands are again claimed by tech companies with first-rank taken by multiple generic brands, consisting of various small manufacturers selling computer accessories, with Xiaomi, Samsung, and Apple all following suit. Sabina is in 5th place compared to last week’s rank of 3,451. 

Malaysia: This week in Malaysia, 60% of the top 10 brands are claimed by tech companies with first-rank taken by POCO, a subsidiary phone manufacturer of Xiaomi which is itself in second place. ZOCN, a local garment manufacturer, has claimed 5th place from last week’s 80th.