Top 10 Best Selling Brands In South East Asia By BrandIQ – Weekly Series | 11-17 July

BrandIQ reveals the top 10 best-performing brands in South East Asia for the week of 11-17 of July, follow BrandIQ’s Linkedin page for more.

In Indonesia, mobile phones manufacturer Infinix ranked first as the top-performing brand. As one of the largest emerging markets in the region, Indonesia offers a lot of opportunities for mobile brands with 70% of the population currently using mobile devices. This increased accessibility is predicted to boost online sales in the country, with e-commerce accounting for 20% of retail sales in 2020.

Another electronics brand that joined BrandIQ list this week for the first time is Chinese tech giant TCL, selling everything from mobile phones to smart TVs, signifying the scale of penetration of tech and the incorporation of online access to our daily lives.

Last week in Malaysia, Xiaomi had taken the lead after ranking 2nd the week before. This is a big week for Xiaomi after news broke of the Chinese tech conglomerate overtaking Apple as the second-largest mobile phones manufacturer worldwide.

Xiaomi holds 7.3% of the mobile phone market share in Malaysia with Apple holding 23.4%, a gap that Xiaomi would try to close in the next few months.

In the Philippines, another head-to-head battle between Apple and Xiaomi with Apple having the upper hand this time, with 11.68% of the population using IOS devices in the Philippines Apple will increasingly try to be more competitive with Android-based manufacturers in the area. 

We can expect to see more mobile manufacturers battling over market share in the Philippines as the country saw an incredible 55% increase in its digital economy market in 2020. 

In Singapore, the supermarket chain Redmart is leading the ranks after ranking 13th in the week prior. The way we shop for groceries has changed significantly since the pandemic, and Redmart taking the lead this week is a clear sign of what’s in the near future, more and more consumers are buying groceries and fresh produce online, taking advantage of the ease of access and avoiding unnecessary face-to-face interactions.

In Thailand, Apple is topping the performance chart week after week. The American tech giant has a 28.41% market share in the country. Thailand’s online retail market has grown significantly but still accounts for only 8% of the total retail sales, giving it a lot of room to grow in the next few years as the shift to online shopping is accelerating.

In Vietnam, Apple is leading the chart after ranking 4th in the previous week, with home & kitchen appliances manufacturer Tiger leaping from 244th place. As consumers are dining at home due to work-from-home restrictions and restaurants lockdowns, we expect to see more brands such as Tiger entering the market and increasing their online sales throughout 2021. 

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